Jose Mourinho thinks that the teen-aged defender Diogo Dalot, who is also his compatriot, has a bright career ahead of him and he can go on to serve the Red Devils for a long period of time. Dalot was bought by United during the pre-season transfer window and he probably would have made his debut in the Premiership much before, but because of an injury he sustained, his debut was delayed and he finally got the first look-in versus Southampton FC.

Mourinho seemed very impressed with the kind of skills and temperament the young man has displayed in his first few fixtures, but the manager has also urged the fans and the media not to expect him to deliver the goods every game because he doesn’t have a lot of experience to show a very high level of consistency. He is new, not only to the Premiership but to the senior level Football altogether.

Till the 2016-17 Season, Dalot was playing for the second team of Porto and it was only in the last season, that he got to play for their first team and he only got to play 6 matches. So he is totally raw with huge potential and a wonderful skill-set and the expectations with him must not be massive straightaway.

“He’s a 19-year old boy. It’s important not to demand from him super consistency, because he is a kid.” Mourinho was quoted saying by Manchester United’s official website.

According to Mourinho, United has invested in Dalot with long-term thinking and he can probably turn out to be somebody like a Gary Neville who also was only a teenager when he began his career for the senior team of United.

“I don’t want to compare, but he is probably the same age as Gary Neville when he came into the first team.” Mourinho said.